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Success God's Way


Hebrews 11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Faith is the most vital component of success. So much so that absent of it, you cannot please God no matter how hard you work. Faith is simply believing that God can do what He promised you. To have sincere faith, you must develop your spiritual formation, which consists of prayer, reading the Bible, attending church, and fasting. Participating in those spiritual disciplines will not only give you a clear view who God is, but you will also receive a vivid understanding of who you are and what He has called you to do.

True success is accomplished by fulfilling your predestined God-given purpose. That cannot be accomplished by gleaning your paradigm from worldly devices that are not inspired by God. It is possible for someone to exhaust their entire life pursuing something that God never called them to pursue. When you line up with God’s will for your life, you will be empowered to succeed. You will achieve true success that is aided by God Himself. 

In Christ Alone,

Dr. Marcus D. Floyd, D.Min. 




Marcus D. Floyd Ministries